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Chair’s Welcome

I am delighted as Chair of the Friends to welcome you to our website. Bushy Park and Home Park are two wonderful large green oases in the south west corner of London. Feeling wild, they are natural places with ancient histories, fascinating heritage and superb wildlife. Both are Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs) containing rare species. These are places to be enjoyed and conserved. Which is why the Friends exist, campaigning, supporting and protecting the parks, and enhancing visitors’ enjoyment with information, advice and guidance.

We are always pleased to receive feedback. You can contact us by clicking here.

Deer Herds blamed for growth of Lyme Disease

Britain’s soaring deer population is linked to a growing problem with Lyme disease , scientist have warned. At the turn of the century there were only 250 reported cases in the UK each year but now the NHS says it is closer to 3,000.

It is transmitted through ticks which feed on deer and can be picked up by dogs and their owners when they walk through woodland . The British deer population now stands at 1.5 million the highest it has been for 1,000 years with numbers doubling since 1999 . Urban foxes and house cats are also targets for ticks and can spread disease.

Professor Richard Wall , of the University of Bristol , said ………….
‘Make sure your dog is give anti -tick treatment and avoid long grass ‘.
Populations have been rising since 1963 Deer Act stopped the animals being treated as vermin. They have no natural predators . Lyme disease can be a serious problem for both humans and dogs , leading to heart failure, meningitis , memory problems , paralysis and even death .(Also encephalitis and Anaplasma) . Then problem is made worse by owners taking their pts abroad , because the disease is more common in ticks on the continent .

Ticks can also infect dogs with the potentially fatal disease Canine Babesiosis, which can also cause jaundice and anaemia.
Vets are calling for regulations to force pet owners to use anti-tick treatments when travelling abroad . Studies show around three quarters of dogs returning from Europe have ticks ….

Shropshire vet Dr. Natalie Morris dais “The Brexit negotiations provide an opportunity to amend the pet Travel Scheme , But we feel we need to call on the Government to act now before it is to lat . With an election looming we want protecting UK pets and borders against ticks to be on the agenda for the new Government team.”

Ideal device for tick removal is a specially designed hook found at vets or local pet store -don’t release the live tick back into the environment , groom pet regularly , ask vet for prevention treatment and follow advice

Walks & Talks

Forthcoming event

Saturday, 26th May 11:00 am

Walk ‘Trees of Bushy Park’

Latest report

A perimeter walk of Home Park led by Nicholas Garbutt was enjoyed by over 45 people on 2nd September.

Full report...